Sunday, March 27, 2011

WES and Wilsonville

1X to Salem--Natural Gas Low Floor--Wilsonville TC

WES 1003 arrives at the Beaverton TC.

Good deal of ridership today. However, very few of the people who got on at Beaverton TC actually rode all the way out to Wilsonville TC

SMART Bus Line 4--35 foot high floor Gillig Phantom. TriMet, you should get these buses for line 51!

SMART Line 4 leaving Wilsonville TC. This bus operator then stopped the bus next to me to tease me about taking pictures.

Interesting bus stop shelter in Wilsonville

Cool Clock tower in Wilsonville. This thing also plays classical music.

Back of the WES and Alaska WES train in the background.

Someone drew a tree on the side of the WES! Quite a good drawing, i'd say. 

WES in Wilsonville

Old Alaska Rail Cars used for WES when one of the Colorado Rail cars breaks down or malfunctions.

Another shot of the old new TriMet WES cars. Trying to get a closer up picture.

Looking North on the WES tracks in Wilsonville

You'll have to zoom in on this picture, but it is quite amusing to read what this sticker on the side of the WES says.

Reflections on WES

1X to Salem heading to the bus stop

The WES ride was really nice. The seats are comfortable and they actually recline! Nice scenery for most of the ride. The conductors are really kind and have quite interesting stories to tell.
But WES still doesn't work and wasn't worth the ridiculous price tag.

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